Let Them Have Pie…dough! by Little Moments

BonBon Break

Let Them Have Pie…dough!

~:: Little Moments ::~

With all the baking that goes on at our house around the holidays there are extra opportunities for Aidan to join in and learn something. There are no shortages of sensory experiences in the kitchen for him, but sometimes I need to work quicker than little helping hands go and an alternative is needed.

ABOUT HEATHER: Heather created Little Moments to share her passion for early childhood education with others. She has worked with children under the age of five in various capacities for nine years and currently stays at home with her two boys. As a military wife she loves having the opportunity to explore new surroundings with her family each time they move. In her spare time she loves to run, hike, travel, bake, read, try new wines, rearrange furniture, and beat her husband at Scrabble.

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