Labeling Ingredients: Does it really matter?

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There is a lot of buzz about labeling lately.

Maine and Connecticut have passed bills, Washington State is on it’s way and other states are working to make it happen.


Why the big fuss over labeling?

As a consumer, I throughly appreciate these efforts. Isn’t it our right, as parents and consumers, to know that the food we are feeding our families isn’t going to hurt them? Food advocates respect this right and that is why there is an ongoing fight to ensure that food products that contain genetically modified organisms (or are produced with genetically modified organisms) are clearly labeled.  There is also a call for penalties to be imposed for false labels and misbranding.


Are your cosmetics lying to you?

In the US, the cosmetics industry is not regulated as strictly as the food industry.

The FDA has allowed for the use of the term “Fragrance” for anything that contributes to the odor of a product since fragrance formulas are considered trade secrets. As a result, the word “fragrance” may represent a single ingredient or hundreds.

However, if something is added to mask an odor and as a result the product is “fragrance-free” or “unscented”, it does not have to be listed.

This is insane! Not only is it confusing, it’s also misleading. I want to know what I am buying, don’t you?

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Yes – Straightforward Labeling!

When the creators of Dolphin Organics started developing their products, from natural shampoo ingredients to packaging to logo design to labeling, their Dolphin Moms™  were there with them every step of the way. One area that was emphasized was labeling. They wanted to ensure that their customers are always aware of what is in these products as well as what the purpose of each ingredient serves.

The problem was solved quite simply really: honest labeling.


…and when the DO Naturals line came along and took this concept one step further by explaining WHERE each ingredient comes from and WHY every ingredient is in each product, these labels were born:

Do you know why their Berry Detangler smells like berries?

Simple. It smells like a fresh cup of berry juice because it has berries in it. Not chemicals. Real berries. The same applies to each of their products.

I don’t know about you, but this is a product that I wouldn’t hesitate to use on my children.

Know your products, read their labels and choose wisely.

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