Budget-friendly Groceries, Peanut Butter Fudge, Garlic and ChickPeas

BonBon Break

12 Tips to Cut Cost, Not Quality in Your Meals

~:: Val Curtis of Mental Chew ::~

Shortly after I found out I was pregnant with our first child, we became a household of picky eaters.  It wasn’t that I had an aversion to food, it was to labels. I would spend hours in the aisles fretting over what I would or would not put into my body. The organic food aisles became my shopping zone and our grocery bills soared. So when we decided that I would stay home and that we would need to dramatically cut our costs, how would this effect what we fed our family?





ABOUT VAL: Val Curtis is the creator of the Food & Garden site Mental Chew and co-founder of Bonbon Break. She is a former middle school science/math/technology teacher who put her career on hold to be at home with her two babes.

When Val breaks away from her keyboard, she enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking, camping, tidepooling, sailing and potlucks. She gets a kick out of combing the web for recipes and then adapting them for her husband, family and friends to enjoy. Through her love of organic cooking, she became interested in growing her own produce and Mental Chew gave her the chance to combine her love of food and gardening as well as explore her new passion of photography.

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No-Bake Peanut Butter Fudge

~:: Good Girl Gone Green ::~

While I began venturing into the vegan lifestyle, I thought frequently: “What about fudge? Will I be able to have a piece without the butter and heavy creams.” The answer is, of course, yes. And the best part about this fudge is that it is super duper healthy.

Being pregnant has only put my sweet tooth into overdrive and this is the perfect way to satisfy it.



ABOUT STEPHANIE: Stephanie Moram is the Good Girl Gone Green. She is a tree hugger; she is vegan; she is trying her best to make a difference on this planet. To say Stephanie is passionate about “all things green” and simply calling her passion environmentalism is an understatement! She wants to be the voice of change that will help others make their positive contribution to the environment. You can find Stephanie collecting trash on the streets or along the water, creating raw treats in the kitchen or simply making a difference at her site, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

5 Extraordinary Uses for Garlic

 ~:: Groovy Green Livin ::~

Garlic is one of my all-time favorite spices. I add it to almost everything from pizza to roasted vegetables and broccoli. Not only does garlic add exceptional flavor to food, it also has several other super powers. Here are a few of the many uses for garlic.





ABOUT LORI: Lori Popkewitz Alper is the founder and editor-in-chief of Groovy Green Livina site dedicated to sharing simple green living tips and current information on sustainable living.   A contributing writer for multiple blogs and websites, Lori speaks, writes and advises on a variety of issues related to creating a greener lifestyle and improving your business reach through social media. Lori has been featured on ABC World News and in the Huffington Post, Forbes, Los Angels Times, Care2 and Blumberg News.

Lori is a borderline vegan and recovering attorney. She lives in the Greater Boston area with her three sons, chocolate lab and groovy husband.

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How to Make Farm-to-Table Chick Peas

 ~:: Fuel Your Body Well ::~

Wondering how to make chick peas without a can?

The chick peas you get from a can are really convenient, and they are our go-to source in a pinch. But for this week’s Bonbon Break green issue, we are going to set aside the can, cut out the manufacturing step, and go straight from farm-to-table.


ABOUT SIMONA: Simona is the co-creator of a family of wellness websites developed to empower people to connect to the wisdom of their human vehicles.  She is also the owner of SiVantage Marketing.

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