Keep It Social Sept 8-14

BonBon Break

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I loved Twitter this week. I really did.

But, something completely unexpected this week on Instagram.

I posted this challenge:


…and here is a sampling of what showed up. I just LOVED it.

Caption: Keepsakes that define my home–one jewelry/music box my cousin gave me for a birthday when we were 6 or 7, one that I gave to my Grandma 20 years ago that became mine when she passed. I’m sentimental…my home is filled with reminders of people I love.

caption: This was my Grandma’s fairy that sat in the living room window where its stained glass wings could catch the sunlight. Grandma gave it to me when she became ill with the one condition I couldn’t take it home until she passed.

caption: We lived in an old farmhouse when we got married. There was a cute little window above our bedroom door that I painted this scene from our wedding on. When we moved, the little window “accidentally” moved with us.

caption: As long as I can remember, my Grandpa’s knife sat on the windowsill in the kitchen. Every time I came over, he’d use it to peel and cut up an apple. Years later, he used it to peel apples for his great grandkids. After he and Grandma passed, we bought their house. His knife still sits on the windowsill, right where he left it.

caption: These were hand embroidered by my grandmother from Mexico they define part of my home but also who I am.

caption: oil painting of a little girl picking flowers that hung in my grandparent’s home.

caption: One of my most prized possessions: a fused glass plate made by my father during a rare “father-daughter weekend” several years ago. It represents one of my best memories of a special time with him. Life is more complicated now and we rarely see each other or even talk, but I will always treasure that weekend with him.

caption: Art from Capri … Gifts from my mom & stepdad.

caption: And one of my paintings…

caption: My mother’s heart pours through her fingertips in the form if sculpture.

caption: This is a fertility doll I was given in the Amazon. It worked. I was pregnant 3 months after I returned!


So you see, I figured I might collect some incredible stories, but THIS…this was a gift. Thank you to everyone who participated this week.

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Have a fabulous week and remember to KEEP IT SOCIAL!