Keep It Social for the Week of September 1

BonBon Break

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It seems like everyone was in Social Media recovery after last week’s Miley-thon.

Ok, well maybe not.

It appears this week’s topic of choice was Mrs. Hall. You know the one. Cover up and wear a bra ladies or I will wipe you out while I have my strapping young half naked sons plastered in this post, Mrs. Hall. I have to say, Mrs. Hall opened up a can of worms and others opened up a can of Whoop Ass on her as a result. Check out here and here and here and here. Yup, I told you.

And the perfect follow up is Kerry Rossow’s (HouseTalkN) post she wrote for In the Powder RoomTips for friendly Internet interactions. I have a few favorites:

1. Sharing is caring. Share yourself, share others, and share your knowledge. (Don’t be the stingy kid in the sandbox, clinging to all the toys, shouting, “MINE!”)


6. If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it on the Internet. Do not let the anonymity of your computer screen become an excuse to be impolite.

You know you want more…just head on over there…after you finish up here.

Ok…so on to Twitter!




This week’s photo challenge was “Guilty Pleasures”. It started quite simple…

….and then HAPPY HOUR HIT!

Keep your eyes on Bonbon Break’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds for this week’s fun Instagram Photo Challenge (coming to you on Wednesday) and follow the hashtag #bonbonbreak to see the entries and follow the participants.

Have a fabulous week and remember to KEEP IT SOCIAL!