Keep It Social for the Week of August 25

BonBon Break

Keep It Social with Val CurtisDo you want to know what happens when you write your social media “Week in Review” on a Sunday morning? The VMAs happen that night…and then the “Miley” thing…and the social media world EXPLODES. But that is SOOOOOO last week, right? Even so, I have to share three EXEMPLARY posts on the topic…or off the topic, as it may be.

Before I share my FAVES of the week, I HAVE to share a little something that Peg Fitzpatrick shared via FB and is now one of my favorite ways to share what’s happening via Bonbon Break on our social media channels. I bring to you… REBELMOUSE. Here is our homepage and you can see (and share) the feed in our sidebar…everyday. Right over there >>>>>> *sweet*

On to Twitter… you folks had me in stitches this week.






Thanks ladies!


This week’s photo challenge was “Where are your feet taking you today?” and the response was phenomenal! Here is where your tootsies took you…

Keep your eyes on Bonbon Break’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds for this week’s fun Instagram Photo Challenge (coming to you on Wednesday) and follow the hashtag #bonbonbreak to see the entries and follow the participants.

Have a fabulous week and remember to KEEP IT SOCIAL!