Indoor Mini Golf by The Activity Mom

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Indoor Mini Golf

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indoor golfAnother blogger came up with this brilliant idea (she called hers Indoor Counting Croquet) that saved “us” from having a total meltdown on a rainy afternoon this week that we were stuck inside.

We taped and numbered pieces of cardstock to the floor with painters tape as we designed our mini golf course around the house. We also put a numbered X where each part of the course started.

It was so much fun!

ABOUT JEN: Jen, Mom to two daughters, ages 7 and 9 and a 2 year old son.

Jen is the author of Creative and Curious Kids. Presently she is teaching her children at home via Cyberschool.  She has a degree in Elementary Education with a background in the area of Gifted Education. Her experiences include ten years of teaching in grades K-6.

Jen enjoys exploring and creating with her little ones and sharing ideas with other parents and teachers.
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