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How to Plan a Seed Swap

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Planning a Seed SwapA seed swap is essentially a place where people can gather together to trade garden seeds.  Oftentimes, this is done online.  If you have saved seed from your garden, or have extra purchased seed, it’s a great way to provide others with seeds they might not have, to perpetuate rare varieties of plants, to be come more self sustaining in the garden, and just to talk gardening with like minded people.

The closest I had ever come to doing a seed swap was sitting at a table with a good friend and trading some seeds with her.  Before last weekend, I had never been to such an event, much less helped host one.  Last fall, on an organic living forum, there was some discussion as to the need in our community for a way to trade seeds, so I promised I’d set one up in mid winter.  December rolled around and I realized it was time to plan, especially because in the Pacific Northwest, if you want hot weather loving plants to do well, they really need to be started indoors in January or February.

I talked to some friends who are fellow plant and gardening geeks and we put on our collective thinking caps.  After much discussion, talking to people in the know and some internet research, we hatched a plan.

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