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Henna math games :: making mehndi patterns

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Henna Mehndi Patterns combining art and math

We’ve been learning about weddings this month, looking at different traditions in religions and countries around the world. The children especially liked the beautiful henna patterns that are painted onto the hands of a bride in many Hindu and Muslim wedding ceremonies, so we thought we try hosting our own mehndi party.

I thought the traditional henna paste would be just too difficult for the children to use themselves, plus there was no way they’d be able to keep still for hours afterwards to let it set! So we used amehndi kit that had a little pot of body ink. This was like a pot of nail varnish, with a brush that the children could use like a felt-tip pen to draw on their designs. It was washable, easily coming off with soap, but lasted a couple of bath-free days on their feet. (Everyone did a skin reaction test two days before we used the kit, just as a precaution.)

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