3 Steps to Make EVERY Valentine’s Day a Happily Ever After

Gina Fenton

1. Start with a blank slate. Erase all preconceived expectations you had about Valentine’s Day and take charge. This is a day to radiate LOVE, kindness and affection.  Wrap your soul in goodness and simply enjoy the blissful effects of giving.

2.  Expect nothing. Happiness comes from within. It cannot be gifted to you in the form of roses or chocolates. Know this. Believe this. Gifts are a lovely gesture, but in the big scheme of things these tokens of affection show up  simply because the calendar says so. Love is found in the spontaneous little things we do every day.
If you chose to wait around for someone else to make you feel special and loved, you’re likely to be disappointed.

3.  Participate. February 14th is not a day exclusive to romantic couples. Most of us express love for family, friends, pets, humanity and/or certain passions every single day. Loving acts of kindness feel good simply because generosity is a righteous virtue.

Proactive solutions to jump-start your heart:
Adopt a companion. A dog is one of the only creatures on earth that will love you more than it loves itself. If your lifestyle is not conducive to the demanding requirements of a pooch, consider a cat – Cats are incredibly self sufficient, and can often be left alone for several days with proper planning. Caring for another being promotes positive loving energy.

Join a group of interest online. You’d be surprised at the caliber of support and friendship a person can muster up in cyber space. Like-minded people are out there. Facebook is saturated with supportive social groups. Seek them out and make connections. Socialization is the solid cornerstone necessary to combatting loneliness.

Donate a small amount to a cause that you’re passionate about. Set aside the $5 or 10 per week you spend on coffee and make a contribution instead. Consider donating blood or registering as an organ donor.

Donate time – Offer to transport elderly people to medical appointments, cook a meal for a shut in, volunteer to babysit for a new mom, do yard work for someone who’s sick or temporarily incapacitated. The possibilities are endless…

Donate goods to shelters for the homeless, battered women & children, pregnant teens, animal shelters, church groups or private pet rescue groups. Google it! – Every day items like blankets, cleaning items, personal toiletry items, clothing, baby items are essential in keeping these nonprofit operations afloat.

Get involved. Sign and share a petition for a worthy cause or become an advocate. Spread the message on social media sites. Your voice can be a powerful tool. Use it to make a difference.

Living happily ever after is absolutely up to you. Every time a person vows to become  a positive influence in society… their world, and the world around them becomes a brighter place.

Shine brightly.



3 Steps to Make EVERY Valentine's Day a Happily Ever After

This post was written by Gina Fenton exclusively for BonBon Break Media, LLC.

Gina Fenton is an obstetrical RN, blogger, wife, mom of four and self-appointed advocate for special needs and mental health. She writes the over-the-top humor blog Extreme Mom for sanity preservation and her own entertainment. Gina lives in Upstate N.Y. with her family, two dogs and ThatGoddamnedCat. Her adventurous everyday tales can be found on Extrememom.net.