Gift Wrap Storage by Leopard & Plaid

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Gift Wrap Storage by Leopard and Plaid

Have you ever wished that all of your gift wrapping supplies were in the same place? Never having to look in sixteen different places for one item or the other?  This Pegboard Gift Wrapping Station makes wrapping a present EASIER, FASTER and best of all… CUTER!  It is the perfect way to organize all of your items into one unique Gift Wrap Storage area.  Plus, it’s low cost and uses household items to keep everything organized and in one place.


ABOUT BRITTANY: Brittany is a certified wardrobe stylist, beauty product review junkie, addicted diy-er, accessories designer and perfect wife and mother. 😉  After receiving a degree and certifying as a wardrobe stylist, she was able to work with women of all ages in helping them to create a wardrobe that expressed who they were while flattering their unique shape. She had many wonderful opportunities to speak to adolescent women about image and the power of clothing. Life has taken her family all over the U.S. Living in such diverse locations has helped her to really hone in on her own personal style and fuel her passion in helping others to feel their best. Her love for design has spilled over into many things.
She and her husband enjoy creating, re-purposing and crafting. Her lifestyle blog is where she shares anything and everything that she’s passionate about…. the right kind of anti-aging products, ways to build your wardrobe, diy/craft projects and design inspiration.

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