The New Bedtime Story for Mama

Rebecca Hunter

Our-Pact-super-sponsorWhen my son was about nine months old, I got together with my college roommate who has a son of the same age. I thought we’d share the joys of new parenthood. But before the conversation got far, she broke some news: she was more than four months pregnant.

“Wow, congratulations,” I said as my mind raced to do the math.

I’m not usually one to ponder my friends’ sex lives, but my next thought was this: Exactly how much sex were they having back then, post-baby? Enough to get so caught in the throes of passion that they forgot protection? Wow.

Because let’s face it: New motherhood felt like a lot of great things, but it didn’t feel very sexy. Or maybe it did for you. Maybe you’re in one of those couples that transitioned seamlessly back to your pre-kids sexy romance days while also juggling a new baby. Good for you. Really. You can stop reading this article right here.

But if that magic didn’t happen for you right away, keep reading. I’ve written another article about falling in love (again) with your spouse, but today I’m going to skip right over that romance part and head straight for the sex. Yes, today’s post is about inspiring you to have more sex.

Now there’s probably another contingency of readers who are about to quit reading here: the contingency who, quite frankly, has been getting along just fine without much sex because they are too busy/too exhausted/not in the mood after being fondled by a toddler all day (or all of the above). What’s more, end-of-the-day family interactions don’t always bring out the sexy in ourselves or our partners.

In other words, the transition from parent/working parent by day to sexy by night needs some refinement.

In truth, after a long day, it’s hard to just flip the switch and feel like the person you were when you first met your partner. So we need a good short cut. One that transforms us from super-parent to super sexy in a single bound.

Ready for a really good short cut to help you get in the mood?

Read romance novels.


We’ve sold our kids on the idea that books transport us to other worlds. Books allow us to leave our everyday lives behind for a few hours and immerse ourselves in someone else’s thoughts and actions. If our kids should be reaping these benefits every day, why shouldn’t we? And why shouldn’t the world we choose be romantic and sexy? After all, romance novels build worlds where couples resolve their problems by the end of the book, and no one seems to need to do the dishes or the laundry.

But I understand that our lives are busy. That we might feel too busy/too exhausted/not in the mood to even read after a long day. Why not try this experiment for a week: Instead of reading a couple of the parenting/cooking/relationship articles you usually go to, replace them with a well-chosen romance novel. Just give it a try and see what happens.

What do I mean by well-chosen? As I’ve mentioned before in another article, a lot has changed in romance since the millennium shift. At this point, there are romance books for every taste and heat level and plenty of other levels I had never heard of until a few years ago. Where else can you find cowboys, vampires, Amish farmers, football stars, English lords, MMA fighters, Navy SEALS and plenty of other sexy characters, all at your fingertips?

Maybe you’re wondering what your partner will think when they find a half-dressed man on your bedside table. If you patiently explain today’s “inspire” topic – sex – and your related experiment, I’m pretty sure you’ll get full buy-in. In the words of a good friend, “If I had known the effect of these books on my wife, I would have been buying them for her long ago.”


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The transition from parent/working parent by day to sexy by night needs some refinement. Here's a great short cut to help get in the mood: read romance novels.

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Rebecca Hunter is a writer, editor, and translator who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two kids. The first book in her romance series, Stockholm Diaries, Caroline, was released this summer, and the next book, Stockholm Diaries, Melanie, is available for preorder. On Rebecca’s blog, The Reading Writer, she shares commentary about books she’s reading from a writer’s perspective.