Front Porch September 3 2012

BonBon Break

Hello lovelies,

I can’t believe this is Issue 7. Who knew? The theme for this issue is “Change” and these days I feel that change is the new normal.

Jobs. Schedules. Issues. School. Priorities. Phases. Relationships. Friendships. Leaves. They all are changing.

So how could we help you through all of these changes? We gathered a WHOLE lotta tips for you. I mean A LOT. Everyone is an expert at something and these ladies have shared their expertise with you.

The fun thing about this issue for me, as I just read through it in it’s entirety (again), is that advice carries over. When I read Karen’s piece about “Sending Your Kids off to College with a Smile“, I used some of that same advice when I sent my kindergartner off into the elementary sunset this week by giving him a high five, a smile and whispering, “Be awesome!”. Thank you Karen. When I read Angela’s piece discussing the concept behind her new show “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood“, I was reminded of how singing can lighten the mood and that empathy is always the best policy. Thank you Angela. Finally, when I was looking through affiliates for this site the words from Julia, “buy organic” and “buy classic” were echoing in the back of my head about choosing clothes that are safe for our kids and ourselves so we have welcomed partnerships with Hanna Andersson, tea and Loea.

There are very bright women at work within these rooms. Read through their words to help you through the change in your life. And MOST OF ALL…read this post by Alexandra from Good Day, Regular People. The doctor WAS right and I have recently found that this simple change makes a WORLD of difference.

Best wishes to you,

Val Curtis

Co-Owner / Editor of Bonbon Break Media, LLC


Welcome to the Women of Bonbon Break in Issue 7!