Why You Need A First Aid Kit for the Car This Summer

Alice Seuffert

Summer is here but before you go adventuring with your family, we have everything you need for your first aid kit for the car!

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Living in a cold-climate state, I always prep a winter survival pack for the car. But I’ve never had one for the summer. Admittedly, I don’t even carry bandaids in my car. Only recently did I even give a thought to having a first aid kit and it was only because I was looking for something in my garage and I happened to find a fully-intact first aid kit for the car. I threw it in my minivan and forgot about it. Just the other day my daughter’s hand had a bad blister and in my attempt to fix it up, guess where I turned to find gauze, medical tape and antibiotic cream? You got it. My first aid kit for the car.

So why is it so important to have a first aid kit for the car this summer? Think about your activity level in the summer versus in the winter. As soon as the sunshine hits, your family is likely hitting the park, riding bikes, swimming at the local pool or beach, going on hikes in the woods and brushing up against plants and trees, playing on sports teams, coming in contact with insect stings and bites, going on road trips and exposing our bodies to the sun.

Winter was a little more quiet, right?

Perfect for addressing injuries at home, the park, field or on an adventure, having a first aid kit for the car is essential for summer. Since I didn’t even have a bandaid in my car, I asked my expert friends and was overwhelmed by the organization and thoughtfulness of these moms. Holy moly. So many things I didn’t even think of, like having a few plastic bags for potential motion-sickness and keeping a tweezer to pull out wood ticks and splinters. Here are some of their top picks for things to include in your first aid car kit this summer.

Everything You Need in Your First Aid Kit for the Car this Summer

Using a small plastic tub, old backpack or large Ziploc bag, assemble these essentials to make your own first aid kit for the car this summer.

Medical Scissors and Regular Scissors


Hand Sanitizer


Eye Drops


Bandaids (Don’t forget special Character Bandaids too) character bandaids

Antibiotic Ointment like Bacitracin, Neosporin–especially Neo to Go (THE BEST!)

Hair Ties

Hydrocortisone Cream

Gauze Pads

Medical Tape

Plastic Gloves or Finger Gloves


Syrup of Ipecac

Pressure Wraps

Plastic Bags to use for vomit bags

Cleaning Wipes and Wipes with Soap

Mini Flashlight


Ice Packs


Bug Spray or wipes

Insect Bite Relief Stick

Feminine Products (Tampons can be great for stopping bloody noses)


Extra Sets of Clothes

Granola Bars/Heat-safe snacks

Potty training? Keep a small inflatable potty in your trunk for a quick potty or for those moments when a potty isn’t available.

Need a quick grab and go preassembled First Aid Kit for the car? Here is a First Aid Kit for the Car already assembled!


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Everything you need for your first aid kit for the car this summer!

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