How to Find 20 Minutes to Read to Your Child Today by Bookworm Mama

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How to Find 20 Minutes to Read to Your Child Today by Bookworm Mama

You won’t find a mom on the planet who doesn’t value reading—or at least she won’t say that out loud. But throw a rock and you’re bound to hit one who struggles to find the time. Don’t actually throw rocks at people. That could turn ugly. Instead, check out these powerful ways to conquer your busy schedule and find time to read to your child today, and every day.


bonbon - solo plain  Turn off the television. No, seriously, throw it out the window.

I was one of those people who had to have the television on all the time. I still enjoy Judge Judy as much as the next gal, but I’ve discovered that TV has a sneaky way of making you appear busier than you are.

Try a week without television or, if that’s too painful, implement a no-television-before-7 p.m. rule. You might be shocked to find that homework is done, dinner is devoured, and you’ve just been wasting time before bed. That’s time that your family could be curled up with a good book.


bonbon - solo plain Wake up earlier.

Who says story time has to be at night? You can accomplish a lot just by getting up a little earlier, and that includes reading time with your child.

Some kids concentrate best in the morning. Take advantage of the early hours when your child is more alert instead of when they’re exhausted from a long day.


bonbon - solo plain Turn your car into a moving library.

Moms log a lot of time behind the wheel. Don’t let those hours go to waste. Let your child enjoy audio versions of their favorite books. Encourage them to close their eyes and imagine the words on the page. You might also invest in a book and CD set, which would let your child read along with the audio. But don’t think that you have to shell out the dough.

Thanks to websites like Ambling Books and KidsLearnOutLoud, you can download hundreds of high-quality audio books for free.


bonbon - solo plain Make the most of downtime.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever spent an hour in your doctor’s waiting room? I see those hands in the air. Be prepared, and you can turn frustration into opportunity.

Never leave the house without something to read. It can be a paperback in your purse or a library on your smartphone. The next time your daughter’s soccer practice goes over, don’t sweat it. Let big sis “bend it like Beckham,” while your other child discovers Goodnight Moon.


bonbon - solo plain Just say ‘No.’

Does your toddler tell you no? If you parent a teen, you probably hear no all the time. No, I don’t want to eat that, wear that, do that, and so on. Why is it so hard for moms to say the magic word?

If helping others is good, naturally, refusing to take on another project feels bad. When you say no, there is always the risk of disappointing someone else. Saying no does not make you evil or selfish. When you don’t over commit, you free up time for the things that matter to your family.

So, Readers: Is it tough to find time to read with your child? What are your tips and tricks? Read any good books lately?

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