Wearing Figleaves in the ‘burbs

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My husband and I were having a discussion recently. Sort of an argument. And it was about lingerie. Apparently, my underwear is boring. It should be boring. It’s underwear darn it! It’s meant to cover my tush between my clothes and prevent chaffing. It doesn’t need to be fancy. I’ve birthed two children, I’ve worn maternity underwear, granny panties, thongs, hipsters, briefs. You name it. I’m a practical girl. They don’t call me Frugalista for nothing. I know what I like. And I like the most amount of fabric between me and my clothes. I mean, not long johns or anything, just soft cotton around my posterior. When he hinted that maybe I should ‘spice’ things up a bit, I winced. Why do I have to spice things up a bit? Don’t I do enough around here? I wash his socks, fold HIS underwear, clean up HIS chin hairs from the sink (and mine too). What’s wrong with my 6 pack boy shorts from Target? They’re all in solid colors like black, beige and gray. So practical for any time of the month (if you get my drift).  My bras do a fine job. They keep the girls locked and loaded. Well, I should say, off the belly and where the crumbs fall. When I go shopping for myself, I like to buy makeup, clothes, cute spring dresses, shoes. Doughnuts. I don’t shop for lingerie. My bra and panties haven’t matched since 1998. Wearing Figleaves in the 'burbs Then I found Figleaves. A British company that sells designer lingerie online. They also sell swimwear and sleepwear. You can ‘try on’ bras virtually with their online fitting room and bra calculator. 1-Figleaves-Logo-610x102 You would think I’d be free to strutting around in lingerie more frequently. After all, I did my boudoir post where I bared it for a photographer to give my hubs a little eye candy. Bow chicka bow wow. Wearing Figleaves in the 'burbsBut that was a special occasion. I can’t wear fancy lace and satin every day. Or can I? Actually, going through the Figleaves site, maybe I CAN wear fancy every day. And it’s affordable! Hallelujah! My marriage is saved. They have over 200 brands to choose from. You can pick through by color or cup size.  You can shop for dresses! They even have dresses made for D-G cup sized gals. That would NOT be me. Hello speed bumps.

I received the Elle Macpherson Gentle Jade bra and panty set. Seen here on a model four sizes smaller than me and without stretch marks. You’re welcome.

Wearing Figleaves in the 'burbs

Hmm. It’s cute. It fit. It was comfortable under my clothes. I didn’t miss my granny panties. Who am I becoming? Hubs should be pleased.

Wearing Figleaves in the 'burbs

From now until May 1st, you too, can experience the delight of Figleaves.com (so much more comfortable than fig leaves Adam and Eve style) and at a 10% off savings just for BonBon Break readers! Use code LOVE10 for your discount. I did notice they sell yoga pants, too. This old dog isn’t ditching her comfys just yet. Sassy lingerie under yoga pants? I can do it. Let me know if you treat yourself to something special.

This is a sponsored post written by Rebecca Gallagher on behalf of Figleaves.


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