You’re Hotter Than You Think

Rebecca Gallagher

Although this picture might prove otherwise. But hey, there’s power in looking silly and not caring. Amy Poehler said that.

But I’m going to talk to you about looking sexay. HAWT. Smokin’. I bet you think you could lose a few pounds or you’d never wear a bikini. You’re waiting for your body to be perfect before you show it off. Well, here’s my advice- get naked and start loving it.

Say what? I don’t mean prance around at the bus stop with the kids while wearing a thong! I mean, leave the lights on once in a while with your significant other, wear heels to bed (well, sort of) get sassy with yourself. You can do this.

Awhile back I connected with a friend who was helping a photographer out with her boudoir photo business. I jumped at the chance. Two reasons: 1) I trusted my friend, and 2) the photographer was completely disarming and easy-going right off the bat. Even in emails.

I had helped on a boudoir session my friend did with another friend taking the pics. I did her hair and makeup. We had so much fun. She pushed the limits and really showed some skin. Her photos look great, and I know her husband loves them. She loves them, too.

So I thought, yeah, let’s do this.

I’ve always had this fantasy that Annie Leibowitz would photograph me for Vanity Fair for the Young Hollywood issue. Clearly that ship has sailed. Hollywood doesn’t know me, and I’m not young. If they ever do a “Middle Aged Bloggers Who Are Young At Heart” issue, I’m so in that!

But back to my Annie fantasy. I see these pics of celebrities and think that yes, it’s all magic and lighting, but it’s ART. It’s freaking beautiful. Typically my pics are of selfies of me waiting at the dentist office with the kids, and I have double chins galore.

So the vaintress in me wanted pretty pictures. Not since my wedding have I had pretty pictures. And that was a million years ago, 20 pounds ago, and also, kind of a stressful day.

Fast forward to the day of the boudoir session. We drank champagne. That’s always a good start. And some gal was there to help with hair. I loved my hair. Let’s just have a whole bunch of pictures of my hair!! It was like a Victoria’s Secret model’s hair.

And just like all the Playboy models say, at first you’re shy, but by the end of the shoot you’re just walking around naked like Eve in the garden.

You’re thinking, “enough Rebecca, we want to see the pictures!” Okay, okay. It’s not like there’s much actually to “see.”

Frugie Hotter than you think

Look at that hair!

But here’s some closing thoughts I want to share with you. Thanks to a great photographer — Kinzie, you’re the sweetest — you can have your own set of almost Annie Liebowitz photos. And you will see that you’re better looking than you thought. You’ll feel free in knowing that you’re damn awesome and now you have the pictures to prove it.

Nobody needs to Maria Kang you into thinking that you’re an excuse. You’re not. You are perfectly whole and perfectly wonderful right now.

Get out there and show them!


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If you think you need to lose a few pound or are waiting for your body to be perfect, you're WRONG! You're hotter than you think! Believe it!

Rebecca Gallagher is a SAHM to a teenager and a tweenager. A recovering aspiring actress, she laughs at herself on a daily basis. As Editor of The Bedroom, Rebecca delights our readers, just as she delights her own readers at Frugalista Blog. Rebecca has contributed to two Amazon bestsellers as well as being featured on Scary Mommy, In the Powder Room and was a one-time parent blog of the week on Huff Post. When she’s not writing, she enjoys donuts too often, and exercise too infrequently. She has an addiction to makeup and beauty products and an obsession with Daniel Craig.