Father’s Day Don’t Buy List

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Father's Day Don't Buy List

“What would you like for Father’s Day?” has been brought up to most dads quite a bit over the past few weeks. Surprise, surprise.

For me, that’s never an easy question to answer. Not because I’m difficult to buy for, but because the typical wish list seems…how can I say this…somewhat anti-dad. At least from my perspective, the gifts don’t talk to the Dad I’d like to be. Sorry Amazon.

Let me explain:

  • I don’t want a TIE because I can be playful too
  • I want nothing that helps me organize my GARAGE because if I had the time to organize my garage in the first place, I’d most likely choose to do something much better than clean my garage
  • Not a BBQ gadget either because, believe it or not, I actually cook more often in the kitchen! However, I’m still trying to figure out why cooking indoors is perceived as less masculine than at a grill. Perhaps flame size does matter after all.
  • Please, nothing GOLF related. I like spending more time hanging out with those under my roof than chasing a little ball around the green..especially with some who feel they’re one putt away from the Ryder Cup….and my girls aren’t afraid to tell me they stink at something.Father's Day Fish Gift
  • PEACE & QUIET – I wouldn’t mind that, but I’m all in here! That’s not what I signed up for, and the way I see it, I’ll get enough R&R when they’re in college.


So what DO I want then?

I suppose anything that sheds some light on what kind of a job I’m doing as their Dad…or at least some solace to know that a few of the uncomfortable decisions will pay off down the road. However, I do need some low cut socks.

Happy Father’s Day to the modern day vikings that truly make a difference out there!

Father's Day Don't Buy List

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DaddyO_GregAbout DADDY-O: Greg Santomero (aka DaddyO), is a Dad of two creative and spirited girls. He is married to children’s media creator, Angela Santomero (Blue’s Clues, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Super Why!, etc.).

An award winning, innovative designer/creative director, Greg is responsible for the visual look of NBC’s Olympic Games, The Super Bowl, The French Open and Wimbledon. Greg’s work has garnered him several Emmy, Broadcast Design and Promax Awards.

GAHGreg began Santo Studios Design, a boutique design studio specializing in all forms of visual communication and branding utilizing live action, 2D and 3D for film, television, web and print.

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