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Bedtime Math: Break the Cycle of “Math Anxiety”

~:: Bedtime Math ::~

Let’s face it: math doesn’t win many popularity contests. Plenty of grown adults freely say “Ewwww, math!” or “I’m just not good at math.”  But we never say “I’m just not that good at reading,” do we?  We tend to be great at showing our kids our love of books, and as parents, we know we should do the same for math – whether your child is aiming for one of tomorrow’s high-tech jobs or just needs to figure out which new gadget is a better deal, a solid foundation in math will help them succeed.




ABOUT LAURA: Laura Bilodeau Overdeck is founder and president of Bedtime Math, a nonprofit that seeks to make math as common and natural a ritual as the bedtime story.  Bedtime Math offers a fun, free daily “recreational” math problem for parents to do with their children, which engages parents while putting math on equal footing with literacy.  In its first six months of existence, Bedtime Math has increased its regular following from 30 families to over 20,000, and has garnered national press coverage multiple times.

Laura also currently serves as Chair of the Advisory Board for Johns Hopkins’ Center for Talented Youth (CTY) and as a trustee of Liberty Science Center, Drew University, and the Governor’s School of New Jersey.  She holds a BA in astrophysics from Princeton University, and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

While Laura has only limited math tutoring experience, she does know something about numbers.  As a child she sat and memorized perfect squares for fun, back before it was cool.  When not playing with numbers, Laura’s other interests include chocolate, wine, extreme gravity stunts, and Lego Mindstorms.

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Working vs. Staying At Home: How Do We Choose?

 ~:: Musing Momma ::~

I wanted to call this post “Working outside the home vs. staying at home with kids vs. staying at home without the kids,” except that was a tad too long. But that is what this piece is about. I believe the choice is very much an individual one, but I wonder why, as individuals, we feel the way we do about our choices. Why do some of us feel guilty about working while some of us feel guilty for staying home? How do we decide on the right balance for ourselves and for our families? And what happens when what we want as women turns out to be different than what we planned?



ABOUT ELLIE: She is a psychologist turned mom who muses about motherhood and marriage in a multiracial family at Musing Momma. She lives in the northeast with her exceptionally patient husband and their two adorable but very mischievous little boys.

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 ~:: Owl & Twine ::~

I did something perfectly wonderful this weekend. I did not turn my computer on. Beside my bed a stack of books begged to be read. In the living room a basket of magazines – early fall editions with recipes calling my name, summoning me to gather ingredients, tunes, kitchen time…




 ABOUT KATIE: Katie is a lover of words and photographs, espresso, and most things outdoors. She blogs regularly at Owl and Twine, where she is the keeper of stories – her family’s and her own. When she’s not writing about or photographing her own family, she can be found capturing everyday moments for others in the Denver area. You can visit her blog, Owl and Twine, or her photography website,  Katie Neuman Photography or follow Katie on Pinterest.

Cleanliness is next to June Cleaverliness

~:: Ninja Mom ::~

Sometimes you have to ask yourself, what would be the best thing to do for my family, even if it’s expensive, even if it seem indulgent, because the alternative is that I pack up in the middle of the night and leave behind the five layers of drippy breakfast cereal milk that is caked to the edge of my kitchen table? The answer is: hire a cleaning service. Just remember, regular house cleaning makes mom less likely to drink all day and curse while dusting. Everybody wins (especially that sticky damn table).


ABOUT NICOLE: Nicole Leigh Shaw consistently wonders, “Why did I come into this room?” Once upon a time she was a mostly serious news journalist, an accidental magazine columnist, and a mediocre editor. Now she funnels an enthusiasm for meeting minimum requirements into her blog, Ninja Mom, and finding pairs of socks for her kids that kind of match. With four kids under age eight (two are twins), she can say with confidence that she’s finally gotten the hang of this birth control thing: Facebook. Because one cannot procreate and update statuses at the same time. Like her Facebook page and follow her on her back-up birth control, Twitter.

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