Embracing My Body

Megan Steyskal

I’m not five foot eight
I do not weigh 115-lbs
My measurements are not 34-24-36

I do not fit society’s ideal

I have stretch marks from carrying my baby
I have freckles from being out in the sun
I have cellulite from birthday cakes and wedding cakes and funeral potatoes
Multiple scars from past blunders and I have wrinkles from smiling
And yet my body is perfect.
I have two working arms and two working legs

I can walk and jump, skip and run and dance
I can carry suitcases and groceries and babies
I can wave, give high-fives and hold hands
I have two eyes that see and two ears that hear
And a mouth to breath and drink and eat and taste
A voice to yell, to speak to laugh!
I can smell, I can touch I can feel
My body is a vessel that holds my mind, heart and soul
My face distinguishes me from everyone else- no one has a face just like mine in this whole world…and never will.
With this body I can hurt, I can heal and I can love

This body allows me to live my life
This body is perfect
Because this body is mine

After 35 years I’m finally discovering body acceptance

Because it’s the only one I’ve got.

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Embracing My Body P

 This post was written by Megan Steyskal-Rondeau exclusively for BonBon Break Media, LLC.

Megan is a thirty-something single mom blogger who has proven that most things can be solved by building a fort and crashing into a good book. She reads, a lot. She writes, a lot. Her mind is a constant battle between the obvious quirks of an extroverted hermit, against the inconsistent responsibilities of an adult which create inappropriate reactions to every day bothers, that leave her feeling exhausted but alive.