Easy Lemon Chicken

Amy Kirchen

Amy of The Guiding Spoon is giving moms a fool-proof chicken recipe with her Easy Lemon Chicken recipe.

No dry or overcooked chicken with this easy lemon chicken recipe. A simple lemon cream sauce will help keep this chicken dinner juicy and flavorful.

To make this recipe Amy starts with cream, stock, lemon zest and seasonings. She has a technique for the chicken that helps the chicken cook evenly and then she gets the chicken browned and simmering in the lemon cream sauce.

Amy says this about her kids’ reaction to her easy lemon chicken recipe, “My kids scream, “Yes!!! Chicken!!! They run around the house chanting when it’s dinnertime.”

We love this easy lemon chicken recipe and think it’s a great addition to your weeknight meal planning!

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Easy Lemon Chicken Recipe for a Quick Dinner




My name is Amy and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I stay at home with my two sweet girls. I previously owned my own boutique and clothing label but tossed my heels in last year to focus on my family. I now refer to the kitchen as my "office"! I started TGS (The Guiding Spoon) to inspire others to get their hands dirty in the kitchen (besides cleaning)!! I believe the kitchen is the centerpiece in any home. A place where everyone loves to gather and a place to create food magic! I photograph each step-by-step recipe to give readers confidence throughout the process. We can all use more kitchen confidence! Enjoy!