Easter Egg Science Experiment: Sink or Float?

Brittany Morazan

Spring is in the air! Some of our favorite things about Spring are the blossoming flowers, warmer weather, baby animals, and of course Easter. Easter has to be one of our favorite holidays and so we decided why not combine it with another favorite of ours, science experiments! This is a simple and fun science experiment for kids using your leftover plastic Easter eggs.

For this activity you’ll need:

  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Large bowl
  • Water
  • Various items to fill the eggs such as coins, dry beans, rice, mini marshmallows, peeps, rocks, beads, etc.

The point of this science experiment is to test whether when your egg is filled with various items will sink or float? Kids love guessing and seeing the results!

Step 1. Fill your bowl with water.

Step 2. Have your child do a test by putting an egg without anything in it into the water. Before testing it have them make a guess or hypothesis about whether the empty egg will sink or float. Tell them this is your test egg.

egg science float

Step 3. Next begin filling different eggs with different items. We started with some beads and my daughter’s hypothesis was that it was going to float and she was right!

egg science float 3

Step 4. Continue testing different eggs with different items. We then tried some coins and that one sank! Try some light items followed by some heavy items and talk about WHY heavier items make the eggs sink and lighter items make it float.

egg science float 2

Step 5. Continue your experiment until you have tested all your eggs and then talk about what you learned.

egg science float 5

This Easter egg science experiment was so fun, my daughter absolutely loved it. This is a great and simple activity to help your child understand scientific principles such as density and buoyancy as well as the scientific process. I loved that it was educational and we got to use leftover Easter items like plastic eggs, peeps, and candy.

egg science float 4



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