Driveway 100 Board

Terri Thompson

Do your kids use a 100’s board in school? Mine do all the time. It’s a great tool for learning math. It helps with addition, subtraction, skip counting, and even multiplication. You know what else I’ve discovered? It’s a great game board and we use it that way often.

There are a lot of ways to play with a paper version of a 100’s board. But, sometimes it’s fun to go a little bit bigger. And bigger we went. We took a beautiful day and combined it with some sidewalk chalk, and came up with a driveway hundred chart. We used it for a number of simple and fun games that made learning fun.




Driveway 100's board

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Terri is the mom of two elementary-aged girls and the creator and writer at Creative Family Fun. She has a passion for encouraging families to spend quality time together. She shares simple and creative ideas that anyone can do for a little family fun.