Dear Parents: Bring Your Kids!

Amelia Mayer

Dear Moms and Dads,

Your children are not simply an inconvenience. They are not “in the way” of your real life. They are not something to just deal with for a few hours and then move on.

They are not trying to make you crazy, test your patience or make you regret your life choices.

They are your children. And they love you and look up to you.

They want to be just like you, for good or bad.

But, don’t worry, those thoughts in your head, those frustrations – it’s not your fault. Our society has successfully engrained in us a firm resolve to do what we want, when we want it. And no one should get in our way, even our own children.

Sure, things change, especially as far as an outdoor life, when kids come along. More gear, less forward movement, more time to do it. It takes some adjusting and relearning and a whole lot of discovery.

But, don’t you see? Bringing them along makes the adventure even more epic. You can accomplish that adventure you’ve been dreaming of, but can you do it WITH the kids too?



Dear Parents: Bring Your Kids!


Amelia lives with her husband and three young children (2 boys and a baby girl) in Yellowstone National Park. She and her family live each moment to the fullest, with the belief that life is precious. Together with her husband, she encourages adventures for their kids in the form of skiing, hiking, biking, running, camping and lots of outdoor playing. Amelia writes at Tales of a Mountain Mama in an attempt to inspire others to get outside daily too with tips and tricks, stories and lots of gear reviews and giveaways.