Sending back the “WAAAHHHHmbulence” by Tales of a Mountain Mama

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Sending back the “WAAAHHHHmbulence”

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Sending back the “WAAAHHHHmbulence” by Tales of a Mountain Mama

My boys are cute.  They are smart, funny, entertaining, precious and a whole lot of challenge.  Mtn Papa and I literally fall into bed every night baffled by their energy and constant learning of the world around them.  It is awing and extremely exhausting.  Our days are better when they can run to their heart’s content outside without (many) limits because they eat better and sleep better and just are better.

That said, like any parent of young children, the “WAAAAHHHHmbulence” (not to be confused with “ambulence”, mind you) spends a good portion of the day around us.  I just can’t get rid of the thing – the whining does.not.stop.  At least it seems that way.  There have been studies showing that the most annoying sound possible is the sound of your own children whining.  I agree.  Therefore, like any good parent, we work hard to set limits, be firm and loving in our parenting, and pull out any bag of tricks we can manage to get it to STOP!

And yep, the number one “trick” is to just get into fresh air as fast as humanly possible.  It works.

ABOUT AMELIA:  Amelia and her husband live at the gateway to Yellowstone National Park with their two young (and super active) sons. They love hiking, biking, skiing, laughing and exploring. She writes over at Tales of a Mountain Mama about their own lessons learned, tips and tricks from the trail, and about life as an outdoor family with young children. They also aim to share the best and most ingenious gear out there for families and have tons of giveaways also!

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