Dear Child, I Will Give

Stefani Boutelier

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Dear Newborn,

I will give you unconditional love from this moment past forever.
I will provide you with milk and nourishment.
We will snuggle endless hours; you will always be safe in my arms.
You will arouse emotions in me I have never felt before.
You will frighten me, enlighten me, and need me.

Dear Toddler,

I will show you unconditional love, and you will continue to give me lessons in love.
I will give you my patience, even if it is lost for a moment.
We will laugh, play, cry, and cuddle; you will always have a place in my arms.
You will entertain my emotions across the spectrum.
You will learn to persevere, negotiate, and speak your mind.

Dear Preadolescent,

I will nurture our unconditional love if you push away.
I will be present and purposeful during all moods.
We will practice being givers when your arm no longer gives me a hand to hold.
You will endure many obstacles and start to learn who you are, who you can be.
You will meet defeat and accomplishment, be an outsider and fit in.

Dear Teenager,

I will teach you unconditional love, even when you test my limits.
I will give you independence, guidance.
We will make memories; our arms will embrace in hugs of forgiveness and support.
You will soon be an adult, but I will still think of you as my child.
You will open your mind, increase your wit, and welcome experiences.

Dear Child,

I will release you and be thankful I can continue to provide unconditional love.
I will watch you from afar as you own who you have become.
We will be vulnerable together as our arms become equal but different.
You will continue to question the world and understand fears.
You will feel, give, and unconditionally love.



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Dear Child, I Will Give was written by Stefani Boutelier exclusively for BonBon Break Media LLC.

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Stefani Boutelier is a mother, writer, and educator. She is trying to rear her children with the greatest sense of humor and an open mind. She can be found most often at Mama Genericana and has been published at Mock Mom, TODAY Parenting, and Three Line Poetry.