Cauliflower Rice



I think this is such a brilliant idea, I love the fact of changing up an old beloved vegetable to new heights!! ~Tara

“I am in a new relationship. And I’m giddy. “C” and I have always gotten along – I mean, we’ve been “friends” since about 3rd grade. But I’ve always seen “C” as kind of one-dimensional… even boring! It’s just recently that my eyes have been opened to how fun and versatile “C” can be… A chameleon, really. And Husband is totally fine with it.

It started with roasting. All of a sudden I was eating those toasty little cauliflower florets like popcorn. Then I mashed some, for a guilt-free side dish that rivals the usual potato. Next, it became my secret weapon in creating a healthy and delicious “Alfredo” sauce…

I had heard rumors that “C” could do a great imitation of rice, in a supporting {side dish} role. But I was skeptical. Cauliflower rice?

Turns out, it’s delicious. And easy. And guilt-free. ”


MorganABOUT MORGAN: “By day, I’m a radio host, voiceover artist and consultant. But when I’m not at my mic, I’m in my kitchen. I’m passionate about food. And family. And friends. And fitness. And my faith. Raisin & Fig is where they all come together. I love reading about food, discovering new foods, preparing food, and most of all… sharing food. When I think back on memorable meals, almost always, they weren’t memorable for the food alone (although fabulous food IS a requirement). The most memorable meals are those which were prepared by or shared with people I love. I also believe that our bodies and our health are a gift from God and we need to take good care of what we’ve been given. So I focus on healthier options whenever possible. Like most, I should work out more, eat even healthier and be better about growing in my faith. But at least I’m trying — and this blog is my own little documentation of that journey.”

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