Cardboard Box Racetrack

Kristina Hoy

Summer means hot days.

Hot days and  l o n g  hours spent playing outside.

Running, chasing, jumping, splashing – until tired, warm little bodies find their way back inside for a rest in the cool.

Summer also means paint dries fast.

So while taking refuge from the heat of the sun, little hands can be kept busy in the playroom or in the shade on the deck making a project like this:



Cardboard Box Road


You need:

1 large cardboard box



Black paint

Green paint

White paint

Medium-sized paintbrush

Small paintbrush



You do:

1) Undo the bottom of the box, cut carefully down one side, and lay the box out flat.



2) Using a pencil, rule straight lines to make the road.



3) Using the medium-sized paintbrush, paint the road black.


4) Sponge green paint onto the surrounding areas.


5) Using the small paintbrush, paint white lines onto the road.


6) Leave to dry (about 20 minutes).


This is such an easy project to make, and can be added to as much as you like. We sponged on some extra bright green paint to make grassy areas, and made some paper roll trees. (To make the trees, just paint some cardboard rolls brown, and when dry, cut short slits up one end, fold out, and glue onto the board. The tops of the trees were made by scrunching up paper and poking into the top of the roll, then decorated with a bit of green paint and cut-out green leaf shapes.)


A tiny town can be made using small cardboard boxes or cartons, and drawing doors and windows onto these. A long strip of cardboard could form a bridge.


“A cardboard box can open up an entire world of cars, houses, castles and tunnels.”

(Amy Thomas)


A fun way to play with that extra cardboard box


Born and bred in Australia (with several years also spent living in the mid-west of the US),  she now lives on the beautiful island of O’ahu, Hawaii. She is the mother of two beautiful, young children. Kristina is passionate about cooking and teaching her children the importance of healthy eating; from trying to grow things in the garden, to creating simple meals and treats.