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With all of the recent discussions about Food Allergies in the Classroom, I try to make sure to create fun Holiday inspired items that my daughter can give to her classmates.  For Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day I created hair clips that would work any time of year.  This time I decided mason jar crafts were the perfect solution.  I created an adorable Playdough Easter Bunny that required minimal supplies and is a low cost gift idea.

To create the Easter Bunny you’ll need pink and white foam, tulle, a mason jar and an adorable cottontail.  The white of the ears are 6″ tall and the pink is 4″.  I simply tied the tulle around the outside of the jar and held the ears in place.  You could hot glue the ears to the top of the mason jar, but I’m all about re-using mason jars.  The finishing touch is the cottontail that I found in the dollar section of Target.  A large cotton ball or pom pom would work as well.  I couldn’t resist those bunny tails though.  They came on an alligator clip so I just clipped it to the end of the tulle.

Mason Jar Crafts Easter Bunny

I used the Playdough Recipe from our Playroom, but chose to keep it the natural color so that my bunny is white. I did apply Katie’s tip to add in a scent and added in a tablespoon of lemon juice, which my daughter loved.  She kept telling me, “It smells like Spring, Mommy.”  That’s most likely because of my love for Luscious Lemon Recipes for the Spring.

Mason Jar Crafts Playdough Easter Bunny Ears



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