How I Manage Food Allergies & Class Parties by Don’t Speak Whinese

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How I Manage Food Allergies & Class Parties by Don't Speak Whinese

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Classroom parties and food allergies are a touchy subject and one that divides. The war on compassion over cupcakes will, unfortunately, always be there. Hopefully, this post will help make those battles less gruesome for those parents who are trying to prevent their children from allergy exposures at school. I can only hope that this may also provide some insight for those who do not walk in the “Food Allergy Parent’s” shoes.

This is all about how I manage my child’s food allergies and classroom parties. My daughter is now in middle school, and through her elementary school years we learned a lot about how to help her teachers manage food allergies in the classroom. My youngest son is now in the first grade and his allergies are managed completely differently because his are not as severe.

Every child is different. Every school, school district and teacher is different. This post shares general tips and some alternatives to help ease the potential classroom wars over “death cupcakes.”


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PhotoCredit: iStockphoto