5 Tips for a Fabulous Charcuterie Board

Meredith Steele


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5 Tips for a Fabulous Charcuterie Board by Sock Monkey Slippers

Ready to go beyond the classic cheese plate at your next party? Maybe this is the time to step things up a bit with a fabulous and stunning charcuterie board! What’s a charcuterie board you ask? A charcuterie board is the cured meat version of the cheese plate and I believe every party should have one! Seriously, it’s hands-down the easiest and most impressive appetizer for any get-together or cocktail party. Come and see my 5 tips for creating a fabulous charcuterie board!!



ABOUT MEREDITH: A graphic designer turned stay-at-home mom, Meredith Steele focused her creativity and love of cooking to create InSock MonkeySlippers.com, a blog packed with family-friendly recipes and lighthearted stories about life. She’s constantly inspired by her amazing husband and daughter and her large floppy eared dog, Jack. Her fresh and creative whole-food recipes have been published in many print and on-line publications and she is a brand ambassador for companies that share her same ideals about clean eating and whole foods. Meredith can be found writing daily at In Sock Monkey Slippers, JamieOliver.com, Disney’s Spoonful.com, and was recently nominated for Best Kid’s Food Blog by SAVEUR Magazine. She has also foraged a path as a professional recipe developer and food photographer and has clients such as Ziploc®, SC Johnson Right@Home, Imperial Sugar, Relish Magazine, and KitchenAid.

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