Bedtime Yoga Routines for Beginners

Val Curtis

Bedtime yoga routines for beginners are far more popular than one would think. In fact, for those who have trouble sleeping, a bedtime yoga routine can make all the difference in how you relax and drift off to dreamland.

It isn’t uncommon for people to have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, especially with all the stresses of daily life. Bedtime yoga routines are developed to help you relax and center your mind and body, allowing you to prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Beginner Bedtime Yoga Routines

Yoga For Bedtime – 20 Minute Practice

This 20-minute practice video by Yoga with Adriene is a fantastic remedy for anyone dealing with anxiety, tension, and stress before bed. Simple and relaxing this bedtime yoga routine is perfect for those just starting out on their yoga adventures.

10-minute Bedtime Yoga IN BED | Relaxing Bedtime Yoga Routine

This 10-minute bedtime yoga routine is actually done in your bed. Providing a few gentle stretches and relaxation techniques, this video will have you drifting into dreamland in what feels like no time at all. Not only is this video great for beginners, but it’s also¬†perfect for all experience levels.

7 Minute Bedtime Yoga – Yoga With Adriene

While this routine only takes 7 minutes to perform, it is extremely effective. Not only will it help you stretch, wind down and feel good but it will help you practice mindfulness. To prepare for a healthy night of rest, you will have to calm down your nervous system, and this bedtime yoga routine is perfect, especially for beginners.

Yoga for Beginners | Bedtime Yoga Practice (20 minutes)

This bedtime routine is perfect for yoga beginners. Using this slow and gentle approach combined with simple beginner yoga poses will help you to relax your mind and drift off to dreamland. This routine can also be completed from the comfort of your own bed.

Bedtime Yoga Sequence

This simple bedtime yoga sequence from Yoga with Adriene is a great way to calm yourself and prepare for a great rest. Perfect for yoga beginners, this routine will ease your mind, stretch your body and relax your soul.

There are many bedtime yoga routines for beginners, just make sure to find the ones that work best for you. In no time, you will be getting a peaceful sleep, preparing yourself for a positive day ahead.


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