BBL: Whit Honea and Dads 4 Kesem

Val Curtis

Welcome! I am  SO excited to be with you today.

We have been slowing things down over here to enjoy some time outside with our families and friends, but we HAVE to take a moment to introduce you to a super special guy who is joining a group of super special dads with Dads 4 Kesem.

Whit Honea

About Whit

Whit Honea is the author of The Parents’ Phrase Book and co-founder of Dads 4 Change. He is the Social Media Director and Community Manager of Dad 2.0 Summit as well as a Senior Account ExecutivCreate Linke at the conference’s parent company XY Media Group. Deemed “ the activist dad” by UpWorthy (and one of the “ funniest dads on Twitter” by Mashable), he is a regular contributor to The Modern Dads Podcast (City Dads Group) and several other publications. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, their two sons, and too many pets.

About Dads 4 Kesem

This July, he is joining ten men—all influential dad writers and bloggers— who will cross the Atlantic Ocean and embark on an 84-mile journey, walking the entire distance of Hadrian’s Wall in northern England to support Camp Kesem and the opening of a new branch at the University of Maryland to honor our late friend Oren Miller.



In this podcast:

  • Learn more about Camp Kesem and how you can support Dads4Kesem.
  • Discover the story behind Dads4Change.
  • Learn about Dad 2.0 Summit.
  • Learn about The Parents Phrase Book.
  • What is Whit’s favorite thing to do with his kids during the summer?

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