Happy Campers, Bonding with Wildlife & Gardening

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Environmentally Friendly Camping: 4 Simple Ways To Be A Green Happy Camper

~:: Inspired Camping ::~

Photo by Roy Riley

We’ve seen some amazing developments in environmentally friendly camping in the past few years as manufacturers realize there’s more to this leisure activity than simply pitching up. These days happy campers want to get to their campsite in glamping style and be gentle to the environment while they’re there. In fact it seems that the modern camper has now very much become a green camper!



ABOUT SARAH:  Sarah is the founder of Inspired Camping, a free online magazine created to inspire cool family camping and glamping adventures, by offering high quality, vintage, eco-friendly and humorous articles and giveaways for any type of camper. She is also the author of Beach Potato a summer and surf adventure novel for kids and adults alike.

Occasionally Sarah manages to escape into the camping wilderness for some much-needed adventure with her family, and dusts off her Custard Point surfboard whenever she can. She particularly enjoys foraging for wild foods and finding treasures in the hedgerows she can turn into her own specially prepared meals, cider and wine.

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Seven Special Ways to Help your Baby or Toddler Bond with Wildlife

~:: Wildlife Fun 4 Kids ::~

I wanted to share my love of wildlife with my children as soon as they were born but I knew I had to be patient. Then, I realized I was doing it already! Here are seven special ways you can help your young children bond with wildlife and they’re easy too!










ABOUT PENNY:  Penny is the creator of Wildlife Fun 4 Kids, a site developed to help parents get their children closer to wildlife and nature.

She is a mum to three girls and works part time as a wildlife education officer. Penny holds a Bachelor of Applied Science – Wildlife Biology and a Graduate Diploma of Education (Early years). In what little spare time she has left, Penny loves to read, go camping and be out in nature.

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Daddy’s Girl

~:: My Dishwasher’s Possessed ::~

Even now as I look at the backyard that was my childhood home and playground, I can’t help but remember the fights my sisters and I would get into over who mowed more rows each Saturday.

Being a girl was no excuse. And my mother was of no help since she frequently told us how she mowed the lawn even when she was nine months pregnant with each one of us.

Organic gardening was such an important part of our life as a family. Or, should I say it was an important part of my parent’s life and my sisters and I just went along for the ride.



Kathy Radigan is the creator of the family life blog, My Dishwasher’s Possessed!  Her first love was acting and singing which she pursued until the desire to pay her rent became stronger. She left her job as an assistant in a Venture Capital firm when she and her husband had their first child in 1998 and has been enjoying and immersed in the raising of their three children ever since.

When Kathy and Joe’s youngest child started kindergarten in the fall of 2010 their children’s schools went paperless. Kathy begrudgingly got her first email address and became a full fledged mom blogger a few months later. Her site, My Dishwasher’s Possessed, posts a weekly essay that explores the funny, messy and hectic life of a family that includes two boys with learning issues, a daughter with significant special needs and a crazed appliance.

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