Backyard September 10 2012

BonBon Break

FALL GARDEN TRANSITION TIPS ::: Sheri Silver of Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

As summer turns to fall here in the Northeast, our attention typically turns away from the garden. After months of watering, feeding, deadheading and staking, it can be tempting to focus on more seasonal activities. So beyond planting some mums and pansies, the garden tends to become less of a priority as the weather cools.

However, by tending to just a few basic tasks this fall, you will ensure your garden’s continued success next year.

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About Sheri:  Hello! I’m Sheri Silver – I’m a mom of 3 – ages 21, 16 and 3 (yes, you read correctly!). I own my own landscape design firm  and write the blog Donuts, Dresses and Dirt. While there is much gardening content on my blog, it is also the place where I give voice to my other passions – cooking and baking, parenting, and my adventures in and around NYC with my 3 amazing kids!

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WHY I TAKE MY SICK KIDS OUTSIDE ::: Tales of a Mountain Family

We’ve been a little down and out around here the past week or so. The kids have been fighting fevers which has then translated into not sleeping well and therefore all of us stumbling through the day (or week) in a daze. As ANY parent knows, it simply isn’t fun.

It got me thinking a lot about how sick my kids are and how that translates into how much time I let them spend outside. I started to wonder if people that KNEW they were really sick would question my motives as a mom when they saw us out walking or playing in the yard. I could just see the questions forming: ”shouldn’t you be home?”; “shouldn’t they be camped out on the couch?”; “they don’t LOOK sick!”

But, here’s the thing: I FULLY believe that fresh air helps their ability to get well faster than any amount of couch time could…

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About Amelia:  Amelia and her husband live at the gateway to Yellowstone National Park with their two young (and super active) sons. They love hiking, biking, skiing, laughing and exploring. She writes over at Tales of a Mountain Mama about their own lessons learned, tips and tricks from the trail, and about life as an outdoor family with young children. They also aim to share the best and most ingenious gear out there for families and have tons of giveaways also!

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Between all of our summer adventures climbing, hiking, camping, and riding waves, it seems as though our family has hardly had time to enjoy the simple things – you know, those “everyday special occasions” that make up the majority of our time, but tend to get “overshadowed” (pun intended) by the bigger stuff.  But amidst the chaos, Cragbaby and I have still managed to remain faithful to our commitment to a daily Green Hour…


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About Erica:  Whether it’s dangling from a rope on a rock face or catching bugs in the backyard with her toddler, chances are you can find Erica outside somewhere. As a sponsored athlete for Trango Climbing Gear and AthletaErica seeks to not only promote rock climbing, but also become an inspiration for families wanting to get outside and recreate together. In addition to gear reviews, helpful tips and how-to’s for taking your family into the great outdoors, Erica documents her family’s adventures on her blog,, an online resource for families and families-to-be.

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