All About Painting Cabinets by Keeping it Cozy

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All About Painting Cabinets

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All About Painting Cabinets by Keeping it Cozy

Not long after moving into our 80 year old farmhouse, we gave our outdated kitchen a makeover on a budget.  Fortunately our cabinets were solid oak and were in great condition… there was  no reason to replace them when all they needed was a little TLC and a whole lot of paint.  Was it fun painting the cabinets?  Definitely not… but I would do it again in a heartbeat, because the results are so worth it.  Now, two years later, they were showing their wear and it was time to repaint.  And although I’m certainly not an expert, I did learn a few things along the way… here are my tips on all things pertaining to painting cabinets.

IMG_3630-001-1ABOUT ANDREA: Andrea is the author of the lifestyle blog, Keeping It Cozy, where she writes about life at her 80 year old farmhouse in a tiny southern town. Andrea is married to the love of her life and together they have two precious girls. Andrea created her blog as a little reminder of all the things she has to be thankful for and as a journal of their home renovations with a little of their daily life thrown in. A few things she enjoys are decorating and restoring their cozy home, cooking, attempting to garden, learning how to sew, dreaming up new projects, and more than anything, spending time with her family. You can follow Andrea on Facebook and Pinterest.



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