A Quicksilver Moment by Life Your Way!

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A Quicksilver Moment by Life Your Way

All around me I see richly hued still shots of all the beauty of the season; the bounty, the crafts, the recipes, the sewing, the knitting, the painting. All theDOing. The sheer volume of it begins to make my head spin and my heart beat quicken.

I step outside to catch my breath and suddenly…it stops. It’s as if all of nature is inhaling deeply, resting and waiting for just the right moment to give her one, last push; the final hurrah before the freeze of Winter arrives.

The crisp air, almost weighted, is definitely alive and the light is somehow different. I’ve read descriptions in books of golden light, but until this moment, I’d never realized it actually existed.

ABOUT CHRIS: Chris Dean is the wife of an extremely tolerant man, Mom of four fairly functional adult-kids, world-class music junkie, and all around nut job! She began writing Life Your Way! as a way to help keep her sanity while going through the diagnostic phase for an autoimmune disease.

Chris dealt with this speed-bump the same way she’s always dealt with these things, education and laughter. Her mantra has become, “A life without laughter is a life unlived.” And living is exactly what she makes it her goal to do and hopefully inspire others to do as well!

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