I Got Saved at Jesus Camp by Life with Roozle

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I Got Saved at Jesus Camp by Life with Roozle

When I was thirteen, I got Saved at Jesus Camp.

I had gone to the camp because my best friend, Rachel, told me there were cute boys there. When I got there, I never found the cute boys. In fact, the complications of boys and friends and being thirteen are what put me in the perfect position to be discovered by Jacqui, the short, curly haired counselor, ready to show me the emptiness in my life and lead me to Jesus. Jesus. Perfect. Christianity. Perfect. And Jacqui was kind of cute.

My parents’ picked me up Saturday and I read my bible the whole way home. The bible that my dad had found for me on the shelf when we read it was a requirement for the camp. It said, “To Ray, on your birthday, from your father.” It had never been opened. Except to read that little note on a December day in 1986.

Now it was highlighted, underlined, and post-its stuck out the side. When I decide to do something, I do it. Especially when that something is Getting Saved.

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