Santa Hat Brownies by Daisy’s World

Santa Hat Brownies

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Santa Hat Brownies Christmas recipe

Are you looking for a festive treat? Look no further than these adorable Santa Hat Brownies. They’re so much fun and easy to make, and the strawberries, brownies, and mascarpone buttercream make a delicious combination. I’m sure they’ll be a hit at your next holiday party!

ABOUT DAISY: Daisy is an avid cook, baker, and self-taught photographer. Through her blog, Daisy’s World, she hope’s to inspire her readers to make delicious gourmet recipes that are simple and easy to make. Follow Daisy on Twitter and Pinterest.


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  1. says

    I love these!! How cute, and they don’t look overly complicated so I could actually do this. I think I found the desert I’m bringing to my sisters this Christmas Eve! Thanks!

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