Yes, I’m Lonely. But Do I Need To Be? by Emily Ballard

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Emily Ballard on Bonbon Break

There’s a post making the rounds on Facebook right now. The title drew me in – “Are You Lonely, Mama?

My initial response was, “Yes! She’s going to be talking to me, I know it. I’m lonely a lot because being with little kids so much can make you feel alone and, sometimes, a little bit crazy. She’s gonna get it!”

And the author was totally speaking my language. This right here? I LOVE THIS: “Sometimes, I go to Target and walk around just to have interaction with people outside of my house. When I’m out with the boys and I look up from the chaos long enough to see another mama doing the same things I’m doing, I just want to run over to her and say, “Are you lonely too? Do you want the same things I want? Do you struggle with the same things I do? Will you judge me for failing? For being scared? For wanting to run away from my kids? For forgetting to put shoes on the oldest and a clean diaper on the youngest? Can we be friends? Am I freaking you out? I don’t care. HOLD ME.”

I love this so hard I would almost pay someone to do this to me in Target.

clickToContinueEmily Ballard on Bonbon Break ABOUT Emily: Emily Ballard is a writer and spiritual searcher who’s way into tattoos, espresso, raucous laughter, great food, and interesting people.  She writes as honestly as she can about her gritty and her pretty because she believes that truth breeds connection. (And connection is where it’s at, yo.)  She lives in Western MA with her dry-humored husband and her extraordinarily loud and lovely children.  Emily is also the creator of The Dig Sessions, one-on-one, soul-centered work that aims to give women the space and feedback they need to live more fully in themselves. Head over to her site,, for spots of wisdom, lots of swearing, and self-reflection with a side of humor.


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