Where in the World is BonBon Break? It’s about Facebook

BonBon Break

Where are we?

Our team reaches from the islands off the coast of Washington to the UK and France, but that isn’t what we are talking about here.

Don’t worry, Mama, we aren’t going anywhere. The trick is, you might have to look somewhere else to find us!

You know that Love / Hate relationship we all have with Facebook? Well. . . let’s just say we aren’t on the same page. Why? Well, as of the New Year (and it appears it is already happening, only 45 of you saw our last post), they won’t be showing links to BonBon Break from our page any longer.


Fear not. . .

You can still follow us . . .

Smoke Signals? Nah. Too dangerous and too hard to reach all of you.

Cans and String? That’s a lot of cans and a lot of string.

Snail Mail? Very quaint, but with almost 500K views a month, that would be too many stamps, and we simply could NOT lick that many envelopes.

We have ANSWERS!

The easiest way is to check into the site. . .we suggest daily *wink wink* to see what is new and exciting via our beautiful front page and then explore the rooms to answer your daily questions: What’s for dinner? I hate yelling. How can I stop yellingWhat do I do when my kid _____? What can I do for a quick workout? It’s pouring rain, and I am stuck inside with the kids, what am I supposed to do with them? It’s pouring rain, and I really need to get outside with the kids, what can we do?


Straight to your email INBOX. You share your email address (see that navy blue bar up there?), and we send you updates, giveaways, and some awesome tips and tricks to make your life easier. Woot! It’s that simple. We will never ever give your email to anyone else (pinky swear), so don’t fret. They ask! But, nuh-uh. Our email list is ours. It is THE BEST WAY to follow us because no other social media company owns it. Just us. Isn’t that kinda cool? Just you. Just us. So quaint. Sign up.


We are hardcore Pinners. Did I just say that? Let me try that again. We love this space. We pin our content, other content, our friends’ content, our contributors’ content. We have recipes, DIY, crafts, parenting tips, beauty tricks, a board for every holiday and more! We love our boards and update them daily. We are adding new boards every day with great new collections of our favorite things.

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This is my personal weakness. I try to stay focused and show you delicious recipes and beautiful crafts, but they get interspersed with inspirational quotes, photos of the islands and moments like this:

It isn’t the best photo, but it was one of those moments I knew some mamas could relate to in their own daily lives. She’s going to kill me for this one later, isn’t she? Follow us on Instagram and make it worth it. 


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FOR THE RECORD: Please continue to share our content via Facebook (see all of the share buttons scattered all over the place?). We will be counting on on our readers to spread the word. Thanks, loves. Most of all, thank you for being here. Thank you for appreciating the hundreds of women who have shared their voices in this space. Let’s jump into this holiday season and New Year with sharing in our hearts on ALL levels.  

Cheers, Val  


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Things are a-changin' in January with Facebook and BonBon Break.