Weekly Bites: Go Fly a Kite

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You will find truth more quickly through delight than gravity. Let out a little more string on your kite.
–Alan CohenThis week was CRAZY! Rain, classroom parties (don’t get me started), crafts, hearts hearts hearts, LOVE, cuddles, and you know, the regular day-to-day bits as well.

When I left to pick up my son from school on Friday, I felt the need to switch gears, shake off the week and transition to the upcoming break.

I grabbed a bag of snacks, the toddler, coats and we were off. We headed to a nearby beach and started playing in the driftwood. Castles and villages were made immediately. I made a heart. Awwww.

Gradually, the wind started howling and the toddler joined in.

This was supposed to be FUN. Wasn’t everyone having fun? No.

I ran to our van and threw the bag of snacks back inside. I was ready to pack it up, but then I saw our kite tucked under one of the seats.

I ran back to the beach and started assembling it. Little Man ran over and the toddler kept wailing. Well, I was 1 for 2, not bad.

The kite went rocketing up and we all gazed skyward and stared. It’s rainbow colors sailed to and fro as I slowly released the string. Others joined us.

The kite took flight and so did our moods. Suddenly, we weren’t caught up in the craziness of the wind, but in it’s power and beauty. Breathe

After a few laughable nose dives and a dip into the water, we decided it was time to pack up and the energy of the wind took hold again.

As I buckled myself into my seat, I was reminded that when things feel overwhelming, it helps to simply “step out” of the situation and look up instead of down.

Wishing you gentle breezes this week,

Val Curtis
Editor-in-Chief of BonBon Break

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