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Often, we choose our friends based on common interests, and that often works well.  But are we missing out on some potential connections with some friends who could add some richness to our lives by dismissing the ones who are very different from us? We need other women in our lives. We need women who will support us, encourage us, challenge us, and make us better. They are all around us; are your eyes open to all of the possibilities?

Cate Wild ruffleABOUT CATE: Cate is a Minnesota mom of three, wife of one, and reluctant minivan driver. She is a lover of all things beautiful, good wine, shopping, and really tall shoes, and a vehement loather of bananas. When she’s not playing chauffeur for her children, she writes about her many passions on her blog, Wild Ruffle, and runs the Wild Ruffle Shop (which works with charitable organizations to give back 20% of profits).

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