Top 10 Reasons Our Purses Are Dragging Us Down by The Dose of Reality

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Top 10 Reasons Our Purses Are Dragging Us Down

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Clown Car Purses

We were tasked with dumping out the contents of our mom-purses for all the world to see.  YIKES! Could we do it without embarrassing ourselves? (Not likely)  Would people wonder how our shoulders hold up under all of that weight? (Absolutely)  Could accurate psychological profiles of us be written by analyzing the somewhat bizarre items we pulled from our bags? (Unfortunately, yes)  Try not to judge us too harshly as you explore The Top 10 Reasons Our Purses Are Bringing Us Down.

TheDoseofRealityABOUT ASHLEY & LISA: Ashley is a mostly-stay-at-home mom, wife, and an occasional nurse (turns out she would rather just play a nurse on TV). At this point, she stands a better chance of creating world peace than keeping her house clean and organized. Lisa is a 40-something year-old mother, wife and in her previous life she was a practicing physician in Internal Medicine. These days the only doctoring she does is diagnosing her kids with “don’t want to go to bed itis” and assuring her husband that man-colds are not fatal. Ashley and Lisa feel that if it takes a village, shouldn’t that village be honest and hold each other up, rather than knock each other down by pretending we are perfect? At The Dose of Reality, you will get that kind of truth, because we believe strongly in telling it like it is, like it really is.

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