The Glare of Mom Guilt by About 100 Percent

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The Glare of Mom Guilt by About 100%

Photo by: About 100%
Graphic by: Val Curtis

“Mom?  Mom!  Can you check my homework?”  My daughter called after me just as I wandered upstairs.  There was a load of clothes in the dryer that needed to be taken out and folded.  Again.  This is my life.

She didn’t need my help.  She just wanted my attention.

My kids are wily beasts, always at the ready to make me feel guilty about something.  Most of the time their attempt to lay on the guilt is unjustifiable, a symptom of how I’ve spoiled them with my past over-attentiveness.  But they’re getting better at it.  This time, I was caught in the cross-hairs of my daughter’s fully-warranted reproach.


Andrea 150x150 - BlogPic2ABOUT ANDREA: In her life before mom jeans, Andrea Mowery was a mild-mannered market researcher from the Philadelphia area married to a man who traded torture by sports viewing for her Project Runway obsession.  When their kids came along Andrea realized they were comedic gold, and started her blog About 100% to embrace the entertainment factor and to give her a platform for her snark habit.  Her self-deprecating hilarity and common sense approach to life has drawn fans to her site, as well as her guest posts at Aiming Low, BlogHer, and

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