The BUST of ELVIS by The Animated Woman

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Finding a Bust of Elvis by JC Little- The Animated WomanDISCLAIMER: …nah. Forget it.


I love kitsch. So it was like hitting pay dirt when I walked into Glenn Silver’s apartment and saw the ultimate kitsch icon – the Bust of Elvis. Glenn lived in one of those Montreal flats that went on and on. He had very little furniture, so there was room after room of hardwood floors with nothing in them. And Elvis was just sitting there on the floor against the wall.


I couldn’t conceal my delight!

ABOUT JC: Happily married with three kids. I’m a director. I make TV and short films and stuff. I blog a slice of life; family, social media satire, and causes. Some of it’s funny, some of it’s poignant, and hopefully mostly meaningful*. I feel it when I draw it. If you could see me drawing, you’d be like, wow, she really feels it; look at all the weird faces she’s making.
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