Kim Kardashian’s Tomatoes: 5 Thoughts on Blogging by Northwest Edible Life

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Kim Kardashian’s Tomatoes: 5 Thoughts on Blogging

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	 Kim Kardashian’s Tomatoes: 5 Thoughts on Blogging by NWEdiblesHere’s something you might not know about blogging.

If I write headlines like these:

  • What Kim Kardashian Can Teach You About Tomatoes
  • 20 Ways to Grow 1,000 Pounds of Vegetables In 10 Minutes A Day
  • Why Overpaying For Seeds Is Costing You More Than Just Money 

…there is a huge chance you will click on the headline to see what the post is all about.

And who could blame you – I mean we’d all assume Kim Kardashian prefers Sweet Millions but maybe she’s a Stupice girl. It would fit, right?

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