“Mind In A Jar”: Teaching Mindfulness to Children

Sarah Rudell Beach

If you have some clear jars, some water, and some glitter, you can introduce your children to the practice of mindfulness! Mindfulness is a big word and can be a bit abstract for children to grasp, but by making a mind jar – kind of like a snow globe – we can teach children how their minds work. They can learn that they can calm the swirl of emotions and thoughts in their heads by concentrating on their breath. Just like the glitter settles in the jar, their emotions can settle in their minds. A mind jar can be a great tool for kids to use when they need to calm down and take a break. And… they can be helpful for us grownups, too!




Teaching Mindfulness To Kids: Mind In A Jar

Sarah Rudell Beach is a teacher, wife, and mother to two little ones. She is the creator of Left Brain Buddha, where she explores ideas and practices for mindfulness, and shares the challenges and riches in her journey to live and parent mindfully in a left-brain, analytical life. Her writing has been featured on Tiny Buddha, The Power of Moms, Mamapedia, and BlogHer. In her free time, she enjoys reading, yoga, and hanging out with her little Buddhas.