Tips for Talking To Kids About Death

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explaining death to a child


by Jillian Riley of A Mom With A Lesson Plan

My kids’ Gigi (my grandma) has always been a big part of their lives. She lived close by which meant breakfast dates and evening visits. She came to every birthday and holiday celebration. She talked to the kids about school and taught them her favorite card games. Every year older they got I felt a tug of happiness… they will be old enough to have real memories of her. We were very lucky.

When my grandmother passed away this summer at the age of 95, it wasn’t unexpected. For me, her passing was met with a mix of sadness and relief.  I found telling the kids to be hardest thing for me to handle, but in the end I had nothing to worry about. When you slow down, listen and share honestly, kids will amaze you every time. Their questions were thoughtful, their comfort for my mom was sincere, their sadness is real but in such a meaningful way.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when explaining the death of a loved one to a child.

Tips for Talking To Kids About Death by A Mom With A Lesson Plan

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