Taking Care of You: Balancing Sugar In Your Diet

Aimee Farley



This post is part of our Taking Care Of You series in partnership with HelloFlo and VProud’s Master Classes. Master Classes were born out of the belief that all women should have access to vetted health and parenting information via doctors and experts, rather than search engines. This post includes affiliate links.

It’s been seven weeks since giving birth to my third child, and I am still stealing my older kids’ Halloween candy at 3:00 in the morning. Four hours later, I pack my son’s lunch for school and make sure his meal is healthy and balanced. Yet, when it comes to preparing my own lunch later in the day, I heat up leftover pasta for the third time this week and shovel as much as I can in my mouth while getting my daughter’s lunch of yogurt, toast, and a clementine together. I do pop prenatal vitamins every day, but this whole waiting until I am starving and eating the easiest food item to make thing can’t go on any longer. I’ve got a baby to breastfeed, and I deserve to feed myself better too.

When I was recently asked if I would be interested in taking an online HelloFlo Master Class and sharing my experience with others, the answer was a no-brainer: Sign me up for Balancing Sugar in Your Diet! I need to learn how to eat well and balance sugar in my diet, and I need some guidance on how to do this without messing with strict diets, counting calories, and hours of self-guided research. Maybe I’m making excuses, but I really don’t have time for all of that right now. I need to know the basics of eating well and feeding my family healthful meals so I can start taking better care of myself.

It’s such a good thing I chose to take the Balancing Sugar in Your Diet master class (taught by Shari Boockvar). I know my post-partum eating habits have been a bit (OK a lot) unhealthy, but I have been too tired to put more effort into taking care of my own body. The best thing I learned from taking this HelloFLo Master Class, however, is that balancing sugar in my diet doesn’t have to take much more effort at all. It’s actually quite simple once you know the basics of portion control, the benefits of good sugar, and what foods to look for at the grocery store and which items to avoid. I even have a list now of simple recipes to try that are quick and easy to prepare, nutritious, and filling. Best of all? I was able to learn all of this in the comfort of my own home while calming my little baby down in the middle of the night.

These past few weeks I have been so intently focused on caring for my newborn and making sure my two older kids feel like they are getting enough attention from me, and I’ve sort of forgotten to take care of myself. I know I’m not the only one who does this. We all put so much effort into taking care of our loved ones, but let’s not forget how to take care of ourselves too. This class is a great place to start my new journey of feeding my body and my mind well. How will you start your new journey?

Learn more about Balancing Sugar In Your Diet on HelloFlo and join the conversation on VProud.



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